Huge apologies for all our wonderful players for an unplanned outage today during the crucial final hour before qualifying for the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix. This was caused due to an issue with one of our third party suppliers.

We worked to try and get the issues resolved before qualifying but unfortunately this wasn’t possible. It’s massively annoying for us with all the work we put in to make Fantasy GP the best independent Fantasy F1 game out there. We completely understand the outcry from players across social media and realise that the final hour is an important time for those last minute team changes and predictions ahead of the weekend. Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and make things right, so instead here’s what we’re going to do.

As you’ll see, the green flag is showing which means the game is unlocked and you can go ahead and make predictions and changes to your team right now and up until 1 hour before the start of the race. The game will go into lockdown at 1:10pm BST Sunday.

Yes this means you can all predict Pole Position and get 10pts, in fact we’ve actually changed this for you all already so no stress, everyone’s got Pole predicted correctly, well done.

We hope this goes some way to helping those who may have been disadvantaged with the outage and you can appreciate that we’re being as transparent and helpful as we can be. That’s always our aim. We’re F1 fans at heart and want to give you all the best game and make F1 fun.

Final note – the issues from today won’t happen again. The last time we had an issue was over 2yrs ago and that was due to under-resourcing on our part. This time it was something out of our control and just one of those things, but we’re now back and can assure you this won’t be happening again. We’ve made sure of it.