Game Guide

The full F1 Fantasy GP Game Guide. Learn about how to play, the concept of the game and rules.

Fantasy Grand Prix is fun, easy and quick to play – but tricky to win. In a nutshell: You create your own team of drivers and cars within a budget and then you score points relative to how they perform in the actual races.

For even more fun, you also make predictions for each race weekend and score points for correct predictions. Shortly after each Grand Prix, results are updated and points are calculated.

All players are entered into the Fantasy GP World Championship and you can also make your own leagues to play against friends, family or work colleagues. There are also some public leagues that you can join too.

Race Weekends

In Fantasy GP, the Grand Prix weekend begins when qualifying starts and the game is ‘locked down’. While the game is locked down, teams and predictions cannot be changed.

After the race, and results are official, all points will be updated in Fantasy GP. Usually within 60mins. After results have been calculated, players can check their scores and league rankings. All results, stats and leagues will be updated simultaneously.

The game will remain locked until any driver or car prices have changed. At the latest, the game will be unlocked by midday UK time on the Monday following a Grand Prix weekend.


This bit is really good fun! For each race you can make your predictions for the driver on Pole Position, who will be on the Podium, the driver with the Fastest Lap and predict the number of Safety Car Periods that will happen during the race. There’s also a Bonus Prediction which is a multiple choice question, often topical for the specific race.

There are lots of points up for grabs with predictions and they are super quick and easy to make. You can change them as many times as you wish up until the point when the game locks for a Grand Prix weekend.


All Fantasy GP players are automatically included in the World Championship, which is great – where you compete with thousands of fans from across the planet.

Players can create and join ‘Leagues’ of their own. These are your own mini Championships where you can create your own private league to play against friends, family or colleagues.

Make your own – go to ‘Leagues’ click to ‘Create your own League’ – give it a name and the league will be created. You can then go to Options – Show Code and share this unique code with your friends to join the league.

Join a league – to join an existing league, find out the passcode from the League admin, go to Leagues, and click ‘join a league’ then use the passcode.

All leagues are updated at the point of results been calculated, including ranking changes and global rankings.

Team Changes

When starting out with Fantasy GP, you create your team of 3 cars and 3 drivers and score points relative to their performance.

As the season progresses you may wish to swap drivers or cars for another. You can swap out a driver or car at any time outside of a GP weekend. Each player has 6 free changes to use throughout the season. Making further changes incur a 10points penalty per additional change, deducted from your overall score after the following race.

Note that all players benefit from unlimited changes until the second race, to allow some experimentation and then players free changes allocation will be limited as above.

The team page and pit wall shows how many free changes you have after the previous race, so bear this in mind when making your team changes. Note that you can make as many changes as you like – the game will only look at your team and compare with the previous race, when calculating results. So after a race, you may swap all 3 drivers, but then put one back a few days later, so the game would only see that as 2 changes.

Financial Markets

The game includes financial markets where the price for drivers and cars can fluctuate throughout the season dependent on their Fantasy GP results.

Driver and Car prices are set at the start of the season. Following a race weekend, prices may be adjusted. These changes will always be publicised on Fantasy GP, your Pit Wall and our social media.

Drivers and cars can go up or down by increments of $0.5million FGP Dollars. So if Gasly wins a race his (and Alpha Tauri) value would probably increase. To avoid any wild swings, the maximum a value can change is capped at $3million per race weekend.

During a typical race weekend, the game will locked at the start of qualifying, results will be updated following the end of the race. Driver market values will be analysed and adjusted where needed and then the game will be unlocked.

Stats & Analysis (PRO Perk)

Fantasy GP specific statistics and data are available for PRO Players to see how the entire field of drivers and cars are performing for each race, in terms of Fantasy GP points and bonus points. All the numbers and interactive charts to play with!

This also allows you to clearly see the value of each driver and car in terms of the points scored per million FGP Dollars they cost to have in your team.

Points – Races & Bonus

For every Grand Prix weekend there are lots of points up for grabs. You score points for your cars and drivers finishing positions, as well how they improved from start to finish.


As with real Grand Prix the winning driver scores 25 points, 2nd place receives 18, then 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2… to 1 point for 10th place. If any of your drivers finish in the top ten places they will receive the same points. Cars also score points so if you choose McLaren as one of your cars and Lando Norris (McLaren Driver) finishes 3rd then you’ll still score 15 points even if you didn’t have Norris in your team, because you have McLaren as a car. If McLaren scored a 1-2 finish then you’d receive a whopping 43points (25+18).


This is a neat bonus system that rewards those truly great race drives. If you have Lewis Hamilton (for example) in your team and he starts 16th on the grid after a dismal qualifying but finishes 2nd you’ll receive the 18 points for 2nd place and also 42 bonus points for such a great drive through the field – that’s 3 points per move up the field, i.e. 16th to 2nd is an improvement of 14 positions hence (14 x 3) 42 points.

Bearing this in mind, having less expensive drivers such as Mick Schumacher can be advantageous if they consistently finish when others drop out. If he starts 19th and ends up 11th that’s 24 points, even though he didn’t finish in top 10.


Cars also score Bonus Points. If you have Williams as a team and they start 19th and 20th on the grid but make it to the finish in 15th and 19th respectively then that’s an improvement of 4 places for one car and 1 place for another car, so 5 places all together and a 5 bonus points. Cars only receive 1 bonus point per position improved


If any of your drivers fail to finish the race, they receive zero points. If they started 19th, and then DNF’d after other drivers, they won’t get bonus points. In short, DNF = no race or race bonus points. (qualy bonus still counts though)

Points – Qualifying & Predictions

You also score points based on qualifying and your predictions too, with additional bonus points up for grabs!


Your drivers score qualifying points too. If one of your drivers grabs Pole Position you’ll receive 10 points.  If your driver beats his team mate you’ll get 5 points. This adds a bit more excitement to qualifying and if you have the right drivers, means that you could gain up to 25 additional points (each of your 3 beating their team mate and one of them grabbing pole – 5+5+5+10). Note: that qualifying points and results are based on the final starting grid. In the event of drivers receiving penalties, it’s the grid on Sunday that decides the Fantasy GP points. If a driver DNFs they still keep any qualy bonus.


If any of your predictions for the race weekend are correct, you’ll receive 10pts per correct prediction. This applies to the Pole Position, Podium, Fastest Lap, Safety Cars and the Bonus Prediction question. With the podium, if you predict a driver but in the wrong place you’ll receive 5pts for predicting them on the podium, but in the wrong position. For example, if you predict the podium of HAM, VET, BOT and the result is HAM, BOT, RIC then you would get 10pts for correctly predicting HAM to win and 5pts for predicting BOT on the podium.

There’s also a combo-bonus where if you guess the podium correctly with all 3 drivers in the correct positions, you’ll get 10 points for each and an additional 15pts combo-bonus. If you’re good enough to predict all 7 prediction elements correctly, you’ll receive an additional 15pts again. So a total of 100pts is achievable from predictions alone! It really is worth submitting your predictions to stand a chance of gaining some big points.

Note on Safety Car Periods: if a safety car comes out and then goes back in 3 laps later, that is 1 safety car period. Simple. If a Virtual Safety Car (VSC) is deployed and then the race resumes, that is also 1 safety car period. If a VSC period then becomes a normal proper Safety Car, that also counts as 1 single Safety Car period.


If the 2022 season sees any driver changes then the driver lists will be updated. If there’s a repeat of 2019 with drivers swapping team, you will keep the driver you had. So if you have an Alpha Tauri driver who then becomes a Red Bull driver, you’ll retain that driver.

If a driver is added in by a team, replacing an existing driver, players with that driver will inherit the new driver. Drivers are not added, but replaced – i.e. if a team decide to fire a driver and bring in another, any points and results will be inherited by the new driver.

In the event of a tie on points for a weekend where there is a prize concerned, the prize winner will be decided by usage of a random selector of those tied on points.

Further to these statements, we reserve the right to alter rules and format as we see fit although we hope to not have to do this.

The decision of Fantasy Grand Prix is final in any misunderstanding. Appeals will be heard but those along the lines of ‘I couldn’t access the internet to change my team’ or other ‘the dog ate my homework’ type claims will be dismissed.

Anyone found to be breaching the sporting regulations will face disqualification from the game or points cleared from their results. This has only happened once before, so a rare event, but you have been warned.