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Get the most out of Fantasy GP with PRO Membership


Get yourself on the grid for next year, today. You’ll get an advert-free game with full access to Fantasy GP stats, prize races and lots more. You’re supporting the best, fan-focused independent Fantasy Grand Prix game available, thank you!


£0.00 now.


Standard Fantasy GP Membership

Play along with the 2019 season, create your team, make predictions and challenge friends in leagues.

Even the slightly dull races are more fun with Fantasy GP


£5.00 per Year.


Become a Pro player to get more out of Fantasy Grand Prix.

Advert-free, faster game. Unlimited Leagues, prizes to be won, access to Fantasy GP stats and lots more handy features. You're also supporting the original independent game. Go you!

PRO Elite

£10.00 per Year.


The ultimate Fantasy GP experience.

All the features of PRO, with increased free team changes and LIVE SCORING during a race weekend.

Makes watching the races even more fun seeing how you are scoring as the race unfolds.

PRO Membership is just £5 GBP for the season, so that’s less than 25p per race for the whole of 2019. We accept all currencies and you can pay via Credit/Debit card.

All transactions are handled via our secure gateway, SSL encryption and we do not store any payment details. This is a one-time payment and will not auto-renew or anything like that.


A fast, advert-free Fantasy GP – this is worth the membership alone, no annoying adverts!

Awesome Prizes – Every race winner in the PRO championship wins a special prize and then there are additional featured race prizes from our partners, TBA for 2019.

Stats and Data – access to an enhanced and expanded Stats area where you analyse data from the game and other players. Monitor your own team performance, how well the cars and drivers are performing and follow market value trends and activity. You also get access to realtime prediction stats across the game and league specific stats and charts for all your leagues. All interactive and massively useful for planning your campaign.

Team Spying and Privacy – players can see other players cars, drivers and predictions. In order to maintain fairness, when spying on another team you can only see the cars and drivers they had for the previous race. After the game locks for a GP weekend you can see their full team and predictions. You can also opt to go ‘private’ and hide your team, but this will also mean they cannot spy on other players.

Unlimited Leagues – Players can create and join as many Leagues as they like.

More Free Team Changes – paying players get 20 free changes for the year.

Custom Game Livery – players can change the livery of Fantasy GP to something other than the default racing red. There are at least 10 custom liveries to choose from that will be familiar, including McOrange, Fizzy Drinks, Prancing Horses and more.


All the features of PRO and…

Yet more Free Team Changes – PRO Elite players get 40 free changes for the year.

Default Predictions – forgetting your predictions can be annoying, Elite players can set default predictions for the season, and update them at any time, but if you forget, you will always have your default selection,

Live Scoring – see your team scores update during a race, every 10 laps or more you’ll see how you are scoring. Having a vested interest in cars and drivers up and down the field makes a race much more interesting, that’s why playing Fantasy GP is so great, but seeing scores in real time, that’s even better!