Fantasy GP - Fantasy F1 Game

Fantasy GP Prizes

GO PRO and WIN BIG with Fantasy GP

Fantasy GP is here to make your favourite sport more fun, right from your sofa. There are great prizes up for grabs for every race including special feature race prizes.

Win Grand Prix Tickets, yes that's right – play Fantasy GP and get to go to the real thing. To be in with chance of winning prizes, you need to be a PRO player, find out more and join here.

Fantasy GP Trophy Mug

Every PRO Player who wins a Grand Prix in the PRO Championship will receive one of our Grand Prix Mugs. It's a fine mug, designed by us in conjunction with one of our partners, BoxBoxBoxCo. Featuring all the tracks, it's something to treasure and much better for drinking tea out of than one of those oversized metal things that actual Grand Prix winners get.

Featured Race Prizes

Throughout the season, some races will feature additional prizes, this list will update as the season goes on – so far we can confirm the following:

  1. Australia – Fantasy GP Mug, BoxBoxBoxCo £50 voucher
  2. Bahrain – Fantasy GP Mug, Graham & Leigh Race Track Art
  3. China – Fantasy GP Mug
  4. Azerbaijan -Fantasy GP Mug, Graham & Leigh Race Track Art
  5. Spain – Fantasy GP Mug,
  6. Monaco – Fantasy GP Mug, Hungarian Grand Prix Tickets
  7. Canada – Fantasy GP Mug, 
  8. France – Fantasy GP Mug, 
  9. Austria – Fantasy GP Mug, 
  10. Great Britain – Fantasy GP Mug, Grand Prix Screenings tickets
  11. Germany – Fantasy GP Mug
  12. Hungary – Fantasy GP Mug
  13. Belgium – Fantasy GP Mug, Paul Oz Art Canvas
  14. Italy – Fantasy GP Mug, 
  15. Singapore – Fantasy GP Mug, Grand Prix Screenings tickets
  16. Russia – Fantasy GP Mug
  17. Japan – Fantasy GP Mug
  18. USA – Fantasy GP Mug, Graham & Leigh Race Track Art
  19. Mexico – Fantasy GP Mug, BoxBoxBoxCo £50 voucher
  20. Brazil – Fantasy GP Mug
  21. Abu Dhabi – Fantasy GP Mug

PRO Champion & Runners Up

The overall 2018 Fantasy GP PRO Champion will receive a Triple Circuit frame from Graham & Leigh and a BoxBoxBoxCo goodie bag worth £100.

Runners up (2nd and 3rd) will also receive a Single Circuit frame of their choice from Graham & Leigh.

Non-PRO Champion & Runners Up

There are no prizes for non-PRO players for each race, but the overall highest placed non-PRO player in the World Championship will receive Fantasy GP Mug and Single Circuit Frame from Graham & Leigh, 2nd and 3rd will also receive a mug.