Fantasy Grand Prix

Get involved with Grands Prix from your sofa

The No.1 independent Fantasy Game for F1 Fans
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Why Play Fantasy Grand Prix?

It's a lot of fun, easy and quick to play
Build a Team

Create your own Fantasy F1 Team, buying your drivers & cars within budget

Predict Results

Make Predictions for every race of the season and win bonus points

Fantasy F1 Leagues

Make Predictions for every race of the season and win bonus points

Stats & Data

Interactive charts and data to analyse results and make decisions on strategy

Win Prizes

Go PRO and win trophies and prizes for winning races, just like the real thing

Enjoy F1

Having your own team in Fantasy GP makes watching races even more fun

Play for Free

Fantasy GP is completely free to play and includes Private Leagues and full functionality to enjoy Fantasy F1 in 2021


Enjoy Fantasy GP more with greater access and perks with a PRO membership and win prizes. All from just £4.99 for the whole season.

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A proven formula

Established since 2009, Fantasy GP is a longstanding and well loved game that gets better every year

It really does make F1 more fun

Built by fans

Fantasy GP is designed, built by fans of Formula 1, for other F1 fans to enjoy

We're fully independent and just like to have some (competitive) fun

Talk to us

We read every message, tweet and comment and regularly ask for feedback

You can help shape the future of Fantasy Grand Prix