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Abu Dhabi
13th December 2017

Go Pro Now!

Make the most of Fantasy GP

Get £5million extra budget!

Get rid of adverts on the website, get access to stats and the Pro Championship with prizes to be won. It’s the best way to play Fantasy GP.

Don't delay, go PRO today!

To get the most out of Fantasy GP, you can ‘Go Pro’ to get a bigger budget, get access to stats, the Pro Championship and a prettier website.

Budget – all players have a max spend of £75million, but PRO players get an extra £5million, so they have £80million to play with.

Stats – Get the numbers that matter to help you make informed changes to your team and predictions.

Pro Championship – Prizes for winning races and the championship, and a certain sense of pride!

Prettier website – lose the annoying adverts on the website!

…all for just £5 for the whole season!

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