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Get on the grid for with a Pro account and get more out of Fantasy GP.
Support the game, gain extra access and perks, plus prizes to be won.

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2023 Fantasy GP PRO Now OPEN!

  Pro Elite


The ultimate Fantasy GP experience.

An extra $5 million budget to spend.
All features of PRO, even more changes & default predictions.
Plus LIVE SCORING during a races. Points update in real time!



Get more out of Fantasy GP

Extra Team Changes, Unlimited Leagues, prizes to be won, access to Fantasy GP stats, team spying and lots more handy features.

  Plus - 30% off!

£2.99 £1.99

Support Fantasy GP

Show your support and in return get an advert-free game. You'll also be able to join/create up to 5 leagues. No competitive advantage gained, just a nicer experience.


Free (ad supported)

Play for free, with ads.

Full functionality to play Fantasy GP, but you'll be putting up with adverts, no prizes to be won, limited free changes and limited leagues.

Pro Elite

All the features of PRO and…

Bigger budget – just in real life, the big players have more cash. Pro Elite players have an extra $5million Fantasy GP dollars to spend.

Yet more Free Team Changes – Pro Elite players get 40 free changes for the year.

Default Predictions – forgetting your predictions can be annoying, Elite players can set default predictions for the season, and update them at any time, but if you forget, you will always have your default selection.

Archive Stats – as well as access to the interactive stats and data for 2023, you get access to the Fantasy GP data for 2022 through to 2020 too. Handy!

Live Scoring – see your team scores update during a race, every 5 laps or more you’ll see how you are scoring. Having a vested interest in cars and drivers up and down the field makes a race much more interesting, that’s why playing Fantasy GP is so great, but seeing scores in real time, that’s even better!

Discounts – Special offers from our partners, including the likes of BoxBoxBoxCo


All the features of Rookie Plus and…

Prizes – Entry into the Pro Championship. Every GP winner in the Pro championship wins a prize. Prizes TBC for 2023.

Stats and Data – access to an enhanced and expanded Stats area where you analyse data from the game and other players. Monitor your own team performance, how well the cars and drivers are performing and follow market value trends and activity. You also get access to realtime prediction stats across the game and league specific stats and charts for all your leagues. All interactive and massively useful for planning your campaign.

Team Spying – players can see other players cars, drivers and predictions. In order to maintain fairness, when spying on another team you can only see the cars and drivers they had for the previous race. After the game locks for a GP weekend you can see their full team and predictions.

Unlimited Leagues – Players can create and join as many Leagues as they like.

More Free Team Changes – paying players get 15 free changes for the year.


A fast, advert-free Fantasy GP – this is worth the membership alone, no annoying adverts!

More Leagues – Players can create and join up to 5 Leagues instead of the standard limit of 2.

Support an independent game – show your support for the original independent Fantasy game for F1 fans. Rookie Plus means you’re helping to support the game’s future, but not gaining an advantage over your friends playing for free.