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Go PRO for 2020 – Cyber Monday offer!

Get on the grid for 2020 and save 20% today!

Date published: 1st December 2019

Thank you to all of you who played and enjoyed Fantasy GP in 2019. It was a classic year of Formula 1 overall and after the rather predictable first half of the year, the second half for 2019 was a classic for Fantasy GP players too.

You can get ready for 2020, now! Existing free players can just carry on as they are, reactivating accounts in the new year.

Existing PRO or Elite Player?

PRO and PRO Elite Memberships are available as 2019, we’ve kept the prices at £5 and £10. Existing PRO and PRO Elite Members can renew in December with 20% off.

Renew PRO / Elite


Rookie, but wanna Go PRO?

Current Rookie players looking for an upgrade for 2020 can also get 20% off PRO and PRO Elite for 2020 with the code LIGHTSOUT – valid until midnight GMT Monday, as part of all the Cyber Monday madness.

Upgrade to PRO or Elite

Just want to play and support Fantasy GP?

we’ve now introduced a Rookie Plus membership for just £2.50. Rookie Plus gives you a nicer, faster, advert-free game and means you can support Fantasy GP without gaining any competitive advantage.

Support Fantasy GP with Rookie Plus

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