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2020 F1 Cars Breaking Cover

New cars coming every day ahead of the winter testing, here they all are!

Date published: 11th February 2020

It’s officially launch season! Ferrari revealed their 2020 car at a grand event in Italy today. They were the first scheduled launch, but Haas popped some images out of their new car last week and Mercedes revealed their new livery yesterday (on the ’19 car).

These launches are coming thick and fast this week and next. We’re not going to spend time reviewing the engineering details, we’ll leave that to engineers like Gary Anderson, but from a purely visual point of view here’s what we have so far…

Toro Rosso Alpha Tauri

New name on the grid with Toro Rosso being branded with Red Bull’s fashion label, Alpha Tauri. New name means new livery and finally we have something fresh looking on the grid for 2020, whoop!


After previously revealing their livery tweaks, Mercedes have now revealed their 2020 car and even taken it onto the track too. Loving the new solid Petronas swoosh, looks much more eye-catching than the fading effort previously. And that Ineos addition is rather smart too. That’s as in-depth analysis gets when asking me!


Yay, it’s Papaya (aka orange) again and blue, whoop! Also still has the fun “Huski Chocolate” sponsorship on the rear wing. Lots to like, let’s just hope it continues to build on the promise of 2019. Looks smart, nice work McLaren.


So Renault did this totally awesome thing – they had a launch for 2020, but didn’t actually reveal a car. Not even a 2019 one with a new livery. Just lots of chat and comments about it being pointless to launch a fake car. These days, I think that’s perfectly acceptable, but hey ho. No car to show, so here’s a great Renault.

Red Bull

The RB16. The name is predictable, the livery is a copy and paste, but then that’s no bad thing – it’s a great livery and the matte paint job looks ace. Rumour has it that the Honda power unit is even better than last season so we may be seeing even more of this livery up at the front with the red and silver cars.


The SF1000. Sounds like a Sci-Fi film character, but’s it to celebrate the team’s 1000th race, which is nice. As for the car, well it’s red. And err, it looks exactly the same as the 2019 car – same sponsors, roughly the same graphics. Maybe a change of typeface for the driver numbers, but yeah that’s it. According the engineering types, this car is a radical change. We’ll see. Pretty though.


They’ve ditched that black and gold effort and gone with a more traditional Haas CNC branded livery. The combination of the colour palette makes it look a little like a West McLaren from the days of Mika and DC, or maybe that’s just me. Nice to be rid of those fools at Rich Energy though.


They’re clearly feeling the love with their launch date being valentines day, but they just couldn’t wait any longer and showed us the livery for 2020 on Monday, featuring a splash of deep red (burgundy?) with their new big sponsor “Ineos” – nope we haven’t heard of them either, guess we will now though! The new livery looks great, a smart evolution of the now iconic modern silver arrow with the Petronas swishes.

This article will be updated….

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