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Win big in Monaco this weekend

Win an awesome prize from Alyssa Smith with the Monaco Fantasy GP this weekend

Date published: 26th May 2022

Ah Monaco – the jewel in the crown, the classic of all classics – it’s the most famous race in Formula 1 and it’s back for 2022. There’s a strong possibility for rain on Sunday too, which would spice things up nicely.

What’s even more exciting is that in Fantasy GP, there’s a chance to win an awesome prize from our prize partner, Alyssa Smith. Read on below…

Alyssa Smith is a boutique jewellery and homewares brand created by Alyssa Smith. Like us, she’s an F1 fan and has the most incredible collection of motorsport jewellery – what with Monaco being the jewel in the crown of the motorsport, we thought it apt that the winning player this weekend wins something sparkly and just as special.

Original Sterling Silver Flag Necklace – Limited Edition

It’s a work of art, a mini masterpiece and it could be yours! See more on House of Alyssa Smith here.

The flag was the first ever motorsports piece designed and made by Alyssa Smith, back in 2013 and famously worn by none other than Suzi Perry. This necklaces retails for £85, but it could be yours, if you win the Monaco Grand Prix with Fantasy GP! Good luck!

Follow Alyssa Smith on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and you’ll be the first to hear about new releases, special offers and more :)

Monaco schedule (all BST, GMT+1)

  • Friday: Practice 1pm & 4pm
  • Saturday: Practice 12pm and QUALIFYING 3pm
  • Sunday: GRAND PRIX – Race Start 2pm

How to win!

You need to come No.1 on Fantasy GP, that’s how! Get your predictions in and any team changes complete ahead of the start of qualifying (3pm BST Saturday) and score more points than everyone else!

Who do you predict for the podium and pole position? It’s tricky because Monaco has a tendency to throw up some anomalies. Engine power and top speed isn’t anywhere near as important as normal. It’s more about the car being grippy and being kind to tyres – and the driver having the nerve to keep it close to the walls.

It really is a race where it’s worth playing around with your drivers and cars, perhaps going a bit a wild or going all in for one team and their drivers. You could win big, you could not. But hey, it’s Monaco so a bit of a gamble is fun.

Remember you have to be a PRO or PRO Elite player to win race prizes in Fantasy GP

There are those among us who don’t like the race, due to the likelihood of it being processional, but even if it is, it’s still something to be marvelled at. Have you tried racing an F1 car around the twisty streets of Monte Carlo? It’s hard. And that’s only doing it on a video game. I’ve genuinely no idea how these drivers getaway with it for the whole race. So make sure your team has drivers and cars that you believe will survive the race and be able to push for podiums. And if the predicted rain does come, we could have a very special day ahead of us.

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