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Win awesome prizes via GPBox for the Italian Grand Prix

Great prizes up for grabs via GP Box for the Fantasy GP of Italy

Date published: 4th September 2019

We’ve teamed up with the brilliants folks at GP Box to offer some awesome prizes for this weekend’s Fantasy Grand Prix of Italy. If you don’t know already, GPBox is the No.1 online market place for motorsport gifts, art, collectables, memorabilia and more.

There are some brilliant products on there, showcasing many of talented folk from across the world of motorsport fans. You’ll find it difficult to visit and not buy something! The good news is that for the Italian Grand Prix weekend, the podium of top players will receive prizes via GPBox!

  • 1st Place Hand painted Original from Dr Auto Art – the winner can choose any of his back catalogue and have their own original produced, see the full selection here – which would you choose? Dr Auto Art on GP Box
  • 2nd Place Poster from Omac Design – 2nd place gets to choose a poster from the stunning collection here, Omac Design on GP Box.
  • 3rd Place Poster from Multi 21 Design – again, the 3rd place player can choose from any of the awesome items listed here, Multi 21 Design on GP Box.

Make sure you’re following @theGPBox on Twitter, see them on Instagram and Facebook too.

How to win

In order to win a prize this weekend you’ll need to have your team and predictions setup on ahead of the Italian Grand Prix qualifying (2pm BST Saturday) and you’ll need to be a PRO or PRO Elite Player.

The Top 3 Players for the Fantasy GP of Italy will win the prizes, so all you have to do is to have a great team of drivers and cars and make some great predictions – easy!

In the event of a tie between any of the placings, it will go down to Race Points (opposed to Bonus points), then Bonus Points, then Prediction Points. Our decision is final, winners will be notified on Sunday evening via email. Open to entrants from around the world.

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