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The Fantasy GP Race Weekend – Bahrain

- It’s the first race weekend of the season, the beginning of a

Date published: 19th March 2022

Your guide to the Fantasy GP of Bahrain. It’s the first race weekend of the season, the beginning of a new era of F1 and anticipation is sky high. It’s also the first race of the 2022 FantasyGP season and so here’s your guide to the opening race.

Whether you’re a newbie or regular Fantasy GP player, here’s a reminder of how things work.


Firstly, we had the two practice sessions on Friday. From those it looks like Red Bull and Ferrari are the fastest cars but beyond that it’s hard to tell much more. You can see all the timings and other useful stuff here (


There’s one more practice session at 12pm GMT Saturday which will be much more telling and helpful for picking your team.

And then at 3pm it’s the Qualifying session and this is when Fantasy GP will lock for the weekend. From 3pm no more teams can be entered, teams cannot be edited and predictions are set in place.

Enjoy the qualifying and see how your drivers and cars get on. The race starts at 3pm GMT Sunday.


One hour before the race starts, the Fantasy GP LIVE area will be enabled where you can see your team scores in real time, as the race unfolds. Sit back and enjoy the race and if you’re PRO Elite, you can enjoy seeing your points going up and down with Fantasy GP LIVE.

After the chequered flag falls and the race results are confirmed, the Fantasy GP results will be calculated and published within an hour of the race finishing.

With Bahrain being the opening the race, Fantasy GP will go into a maintenance mode after the race while results are double checked and published. From race 2 onwards results will be published as soon as they’re available. For this first race, there may be a short delay before results are published. Keep an eye on our Twitter and the Facebook group.

So good luck for the opening race and enjoy it! Here’s to a fantastic start to the new season.

Fantasy GP Weekend schedule:

  • Saturday: 12pm Practice 3
  • Saturday: 3pm Qualifying FantasyGP LOCKS
  • Sunday: 2pm FGP LIVE enabled
  • Sunday: 3pm Race start
  • Sunday: 5pm – Race finish (estimated)
  • Sunday: 530pm – FGP goes into a Maintenance Mode while results are checked
  • Sunday: by 7pm – results published and made available to all. (This is the latest, it could well be earlier). Check our socials.


When can I change my team and / or my predictions?

As many times as you like, up until 3pm GMT when the game locks.

What happens after the game is locked?

From 3pm GMT, the game is effectively locked – you can still see your team and predictions but won’t ‘be able to make any any changes. You can still upgrade to PRO/Elite and join some leagues, but that’s all.

When does the game unlock?

Depending on the race and any pending penalties, the game unlocks by 10am GMT Monday following a race weekend. Often much sooner but this is our deadline and gives our Race Control time to assess and approve driver and car price changes. For Bahrain, the game will be unlocked once results are finalised.

When do driver prices change?

The driver (and car) prices will remain the same for race 2 (Saudi Arabia) and only change after that race, ahead of Australia. From Australia onwards, prices will go up and down after every race.

I forgot my predictions, can I email them in?

No. We cannot allow exceptions for players to do this – it isn’t fair on the rest of the players. If you forget, it’s on you. Sorry! Remember, PRO Elite can set ‘default predictions’ for every race in one click so they always have a set of banker predictions.

How do the points work?

It’s always best to check the complete Game Guide for the full rules and mechanics of how the game works, if you can’t find the answer, see below.

I have a question not covered here, what do I do?

Pop us a tweet @Fantasy_GP or post in the Facebook “Players Lounge” Group where we or one of the other players will help you out – we’re a friendly bunch, so be nice :)

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