The whole Pay-TV thing with Formula 1 is really annoying and for fans in the UK, it’s really not good at all if you’re not a Sky customer or don’t want to invest in the Sky TV service. Thankfully, there’s a 2019 NOW TV F1 Season Pass

If you want to watch 2019 F1 season LIVE, then NOW TV have an offer that may be of interest. The popular “no contract” alternative to Sky is offering an F1 Season Pass for the 2019 season where you watch all qualifying and races live for a one-off fee of £195.

Get the NowTV F1 Season Pass

(scroll to the bottom of the page for the F1 offer via the link above)

You’ll miss out on all the bells and whistles of full Sky, but this is by far the cheapest way to watch all the race weekends live.

NOW TV works on iPads, Apple TV, Windows and Mac and most Smart TVs can have the NOW TV app too. Or you can get a NOW TV stick to plug into your telly.

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