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Get Ready for the Chinese GP

Learn about team changes and more for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Date published: 9th April 2018

With 2 races down, the 2018 Fantasy GP Championship is well underway and while we’re still recovering from a fantastic and thrilling Bahrain Grand Prix, it’s time to look ahead to this weekend for the Fantasy GP of China.

Team changes are still allowed but are now limited. All players have 8 free changes use across season, with PRO players having 20 free changes.

After you’ve used your free changes, you can still change your team, but these changes will incur a points penalty. 10 points will be deducted from your overall score for each additional change after the 8 (or 20 for PRO) changes.

To explain further – a change is when any of your drivers or cars in your line up change. For an example, if you had RAI, GRO and MAG as your drivers for Bahrain with Mercedes, Toro Rosso and Sauber as your cars, but you decide to drop GRO for ALO then that will count as 1 change. If you swap GRO for ALO and Mercedes for Red Bull then that will count as 2 changes.

The total changes are calculated when the game locks for the next race. So you can chop and change your drivers and cars, being as indecisive as you like and then come qualifying for the next Grand Prix, the game will look at your line up, compare to the previous race and see how many changes you have made.

Also take note of some minor market value changes after Bahrain, explained in the results article here and read our guide to Financial Markets too.

Did you know, as well as getting extra Free Changes, PRO players also get access to Stats, data and interactive charts to help see game stats, market changes and trends, Go PRO here – just £5 for the season.

For further help with your decisions, take a look at the Wikipedia entries for the Chinese Grand Prix and for the 2017 race. And there are plenty more resources out there too, including our own Twitter feed and Facebook page where we share tips and info.

Any questions, pop us a (nice and friendly) message on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get right back to you.

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