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Get Ready for Race 2 – Styria

Date published: 6th July 2020

This coming weekend, we’re back at the Red Bull Ring for the Styrian Grand Prix, aka Austria II. The game is now unlocked – you can edit your team of cars and drivers and also set predictions for the second race.

It’s crazy difficult to know who best to pick after the chaotic season opener, we’ve highlighted some of the winners and losers in our ‘Podium or Pits‘ round up here. It may help!

Make some team changes now!

All players have unlimited changes until the game locks for Styria. So you can make as many changes as you like, now through to when the game locks on Saturday. After that, further car and driver changes will eat into your allowance.

  • Rookie Players: 6 free changes
  • PRO: 15 free changes
  • PRO Elite: 40 free changes

After you’ve used up your free changes, it’s a 10pts penalty per additional change – taken off your grand total points (race points are unaffected).

Car & Driver Pricing

The price of cars and drivers fluctuate as the season goes on, based on their real world and Fantasy GP performances. However, pricing will not change until after the 2nd race, so while you have unlimited changes you can chop and change your line up as much as you want without losing (or making) money. When the game unlocks after Styria some cars and drivers will go up (or down) in value.

Check the stats!

We can all see the current pricing of drivers and cars here, but checkout the Stats Dashboard within Fantasy GP and you’ll see the ups and downs of the driver and car markets and also see trends in predictions for the next race.

Stats also show the breakdown of race and bonus points for each driver and car as well as your own team – it really helps with working out your optimal strategy. Some data is shared on social media, but to get the full experience, you need to be a PRO player to access the interactive stats.

The stats area also include charts and graphs for your own leagues, which is pretty neat.

Win a race track!

For Race 2, the highest placed PRO/Elite Player will win the circuit of their choice from Graham & Leigh – their circuits are beautiful works of art, handcrafted from wood and make for excellent display pieces – an example shown below. Checkout more on

The winner also picks up the Fantasy GP Trophy and a pair of Heel Tread socks! NICE!

And so…

  • Make sure you get some predictions in for the second race
  • Make as many car and driver changes as you like – it’s good to experiment
  • Everyone has unlimited free changes until qualifying for race 2
  • Check the stats (upgrade to PRO if you haven’t already) and get insights
  • Game locks at 2pm BST Saturday 11th July for race 2

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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