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Fantasy GP Supports ride2austria

Date published: 26th June 2023

Fantasy GP is proud to support the ride2austria cycling challenge, please have a read over story of the incredible effort below and donate here on

ride2austria 2023 – Cycling 1000 Miles in 9 Days for Charity!

  • Cyclists preparing for 1000 mile, 9 day charity ride
  • Stafford resident supporting local charity Katharine House House
  • Group raising money for 20 worthy causes close to their hearts

Starting on Friday 23rd June 2023 at 8.00am, 25 amature cyclists will start ride2austria 2023, an epic 9 day Charity Bike Ride from the UK to Austria, to raise money for 20 worthy causes. With a support team of 3, the aim of the challenge is for the Team of Formula 1 and amature cycling fans, to ride from the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Factory in Milton Keynes, to the Red Bull Ring Racing Circuit in Spielburg, Austria.

Cycling through 4 European countries and covering a staggering 1002 miles, while all of the participants have completed an enormous amount of training, the trip represents a significant undertaking.

Traversing the mountainous Swiss and Austrian Alps, the team will climb over 50,000 feet, while the average time in the saddle per-day is likely to be a gruelling nine hours. But they’ll be driven on by many worthy causes, and with ride2austria 2023 funded entirely by those taking part, every penny of funds raised will go directly to these charities.

Volunteer lead organiser, Rich Tindale was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, and has since completed several charity bike rides. He said: “I’ve had periods in the past 16 years where getting on a bike was impossible due to the relapses I’d had, but I’m currently feeling fit and it’s great to be cycling in an event like this so long after my MS diagnosis.

An event was planned to take place in May 2020, cycling from the UK to Barcelona, but due to the growing Coronavirus pandemic at the time, the challenge had to be cancelled. Three years later, we’re back and we’re now cycling further than ever before, from the UK to Austria with the aim of raising £10,000 for charity.

See the full list of Team members taking part, the causes they’re supporting, the route they’ll be cycling and donate to the charities at

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