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Fantasy GP Stats – Team Data 2017

The Fantasy GP Team Data from the 2017 season - it may help you for 2018, it may not. But worth a look, right?

Date published: 17th March 2018

Following on from our data review of drivers in the 2017 Fantasy GP Championship, here are the constructor statistics for last season. Remember, you have to have three drivers and three constructors in your line-up, so getting the balance right is all important. There is no point having three all-stars drivers if your teams aren’t backing you up with crucial points.

You can download our 2017 Constructor data here to see everything, but here are the highlights:
  • Highest Overall Points:   Mercedes (668 points)
  • Lowest Overall Points:   Sauber (5)
  • Best Value (per million spent):   Mercedes (27.8)
  • Lowest Value (per million spent):   Sauber (1.3)
  • Highest Points (outside top 3*):   Force India (187)
It should be noted that constructors don’t accrue bonus points, as drivers do, therefore points hauls are much less variable as you progress down the grid.
This doesn’t mean that value cannot be obtained. For example, Haas finished 8th in the standings, but were the 5th best in terms of value, at 11.8 points per million spent, a far better option than Sauber, at no extra relative cost.
Also, while Mercedes correctly appear as the dominant team, Ferrari were very close in value terms, trailing the German team by a mere 0.3 points per million spent.
We can’t guarantee any of this helps, but it may get you to do that all-important pre-season tweak!
* being Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull

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