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Fantasy GP Stats – Driver Data 2017

17th March 2018

All the driver data from Fantasy GP 2017, it may help. It may not. Who knows?!

There is less than a week left until the start of the new Formula 1 season, and nothing is more daunting than choosing your opening line-up for the 2018 campaign.

Testing results are notoriously vague, with the tops teams often sand-bagging their cars to hide their edge, or running them to the wire to make-up for their inefficiencies, and avoid sending the fan clubs into spirals of despair before the season has even begun.

However, you can’t argue with history, therefore we thought it would be useful to share the driver results for the 2017 Championship. A full breakdown spreadsheet can be found here: 2017 FGP Driver Data, but the highlights are also shared below:

  • Overall Total Points
    • Highest Points (overall):   Lewis Hamilton (628 points)
    • Lowest Points (overall):   Carlos Sainz* (129)
  • Race Points Overall
    • Highest Points:   Lewis Hamilton (363)
    • Lowest Points:   Marcus Ericsson (0)
  • Qualifying Points Overall
    • Highest Points:   Lewis Hamilton (175)
    • Lowest Points:   Carlos Sainz* (10)
  • Bonus Points Overall
    • Highest:   Daniel Ricciardo (183)
    • Lowest:   Kimi Raikkonen (33)
  • Value over the season
    • Best (points per million spent):   Pascal Wehrlein (65.0)
    • Worst (points per million spent):   Kimi Raikkonen (19.5)
* Note:   drivers statistics are based on their final price and seat (e.g. Carlos Sainz finished the season at Renault, and therefore he adopted Jolyon Palmer'(s when he moved). Mid-season changes are summarised here – – Keep an eye on out, as we will be sharing the team data very shortly.

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