Best Fantasy F1 Game

Formula 1 is a great sport, and a Fantasy F1 game makes it even better. Say hello to Fantasy Grand Prix, the game that gets you closer to your favourite sport, right from your sofa. Is is the best Fantasy F1 game out there? We like to think so and Google agrees with us too, we’re the number 1 independent Fantasy F1 game. It’s the most fan-focused game available.

What is Fantasy F1?

The concept of Fantasy F1 is to make F1 more fun. With Fantasy GP, you become the boss of your own motorsport team, have a budget to spend on cars and drivers and score points relative to how they do in the season.

Predict Results

You can also score points by predicting the results of the weekend too. It all just adds a whole new element to watching the cars going around in circles. Predict the Pole Position, Podium, Fastest Lap, Number of Safety Cars and more.

Challenge Friends

As well as playing against fans from across the world, you can create your own mini friends leagues to have a challenge between friends, family and colleagues – it can get very competitive!

Register Now!

The whole game is designed to be very simple and fun to play, but tricky to win – Once you’ve created your team, simply make your race predictions before qualifying and away you go – what are you waiting for, don’t delay, get involved and enter today – register now and create your team!

Be a PRO Player

Fancy going PRO? For just £5 you can make the game even better – Being a PRO member gives you an extra perks – access to stats, access to the PRO Championship (Prizes!!) and also removes annoying adverts from the site too. Bonus – find out more here.

More about the game

Get the full rules and overview of how the game works along with our FAQ right here on the Fantasy GP Game Guide, also follow us on Twitter @Fantasy_GP and Facebook via @FantasyPitwall