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Updates following Saudi Arabia

Points update following Saudi Arabia

Date published: 28th March 2022

The points for the Fantasy Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia have been updated following discussions in the post-race stewards room and Fantasy GP Race Control. See the statement below for full details, in summary:

  • If you had Albon, you’ll have 6 additional points
  • If you had Williams, you’ll have an additional 2 points
  • If you predicted 4-5 cars retiring, you now receive 10pts for the prediction being correct, as well as those who predicted 6 or more retirements.

Full statement from Race Control


Purpose of meeting: 

  1. Investigation into bonus points concerning driver by the name of Alex Albon and the Williams Racing car
  2. Investigation into the spirit of the rules for the Bonus question around the number of cars retiring in R2
  3. Pricing updates following the first two races of the 2022 Fantasy GP Season
  4. Enhancements to Pit Wall Stats tables
  5. Social Policy for discussions with Race Control

It has come to the attention of the Fantasy GP Race Control that Alexander Albon was in fact a classified finisher for the Fantasy GP of Saudi Arabia. The driver crashed with 3 laps remaining, but due to the number of laps behind, he has been classified as 14th with a status of DNF. Drivers who retired before this are not classified. Considering this information, Alexander Albon has now been credited with 6 bonus points and the Williams car 2 bonus points. Albon started 16th and finished 14th

The Bonus Prediction question for this race asked how many cars would retire from the race with the three options of 0-3, 4-5 or 6 or more. The spirit of the question is how many cars are finishing the race out of the expected 20. This race had the highly unusual situation where 2 cars did not actually make the start of the race. Technically only 4 or 5 cars retired from the race (depending on if you count Albon – DNF but also classed as 14th). However, the spirit of the question, the answer would be 6 or 7 because Tsunoda and Schumacher also retired from the GP weekend. Considering this technicality and discussions around semantic and the spirit of the question, the race stewards have decided to award 10 Prediction Points for teams who predicted case b) 4 or 5 and those who predicted case c) 6 or more. In future the question will be rephrased to ask for the number of cars finishing the race.

Following the second race of the season, the pricing for drivers and cars has now been updated and team managers can now sell and buy cars and drivers ahead of round 3 in Australia. Price changes follow our algorithm with human oversight and relative pricing balancing. Note that price changes reflect actual race performance and Fantasy GP performances.

Small but important update – Stats have been updated so (PRO) Team Managers can now see all the data and sort the data to better understand results.

Race Control is to publish further guidance on use of the Players Lounge and player conduct to ensure a friendly and polite atmosphere for all.


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