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The new F1 Sprint Format for Baku

Date published: 25th April 2023

Just days before the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and the first Sprint Weekend of the season, a change to the format has been confirmed by F1 and FIA. For this weekend and for the other Sprint Weekends, the format is as follows:

  • Friday – Practice & Grand Prix Qualifying (the Fantasy GP game locks at this point)
  • Saturday – Sprint Qualifying and Sprint Race
  • Sunday – Proper Grand Prix

Fantasy GP will lock at 2pm BST on Friday (when the main qualifying begins)

Now this will mean that for Sprint Weekends like this one for Azerbaijan, there is a massive opportunity for some big points.

To try and keep this simple:

  • Predictions
    • these only apply to the main Grand Prix
    • Safety Car counts only applies to the main Grand Prix
    • Podium and Fastest Lap only applies to the main Grand Prix
    • The Bonus Prediction applies to the main Grand Prix, unless specifically Sprint related.
  • Pole Position
    • to clarify this is the true ‘Pole Position’ – i.e. the winner off the main Qualifying on the Friday
  • Qualifying
    • your drivers will get a qualifying bonus for beating their team mate – this applies to both the Sprint Qualifying and the Grand Prix Qualifying
  • Race Points
    • your drivers and cars will score races points as per real life, for both the Sprint & the Grand Prix
    • Sprint 8pts for the win, the 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and down to 1pt for 8th place
    • Grand Prix 25pts fo winning, then 18, 15, 12, 10 and so on down to 10th place (no change here)
  • Driver Bonus Points
    • Your drivers will score bonus points for improving position from the start to the finish
    • 2pts per place improved
    • For both the Sprint & Grand Prix races.
    • If a driver starts 20th and finishes 15th, that’s 5 places improved so 10pts bonus in total
  • Car Bonus Points
    • your cars will score bonus points for improving positions from start to the finish
    • 1 point for every place improved per car
    • For both Sprint & Grand Prix races
    • 5 points bonus if both cars in a team finish, 2 points bonus if only one finishes.
  • DNF
    • If a driver does not finish a Sprint or Grand Prix, they will receive zero points.
    • Qualifying points remain.

The game guide will be updated but common sense applies – the Sprint is now it’s own entity and does not impact the Grand Prix, so it really is a mini Grand Prix and the points system in Fantasy GP applies to both races. For Baku, all points will be totalled up, we will look to separate these out for future Sprint weekends, but the total points for a Grand Prix weekend will include points won (or lost) in the Sprint.

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