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18 reasons to play Fantasy GP in 2024

Date published: 11th February 2024

Why play Fantasy GP? It’s a heck of a lot fun to play, that’s why and it makes being an F1 fan more fun too. Fantasy GP was first released in 2009 and over the last 15yrs it has become a favourite for Formula 1 fans across the world.

But why should you play? Here’s a list of 18 reasons!

  1. Makes even the dullest race much more interesting
  2. Makes the great races even more fun
  3. ⁠Educates you about all the drivers/teams – not just the front runners
  4. You can potentially gain a new favourite driver
  5. You might have a new favourite team
  6. Keep a title battle going longer than Max and Red Bull’s rivals manage
  7. Beating your friends is so satisfying – especially that one that pretends to know everything about F1
  8. If you have a bad weekend, you can join the hoards blaming the F1
  9. You finally have a fix that helps you block out the boring Fantasy Premier League talk in the office
  10. There is no threat of an employment tribunal, however controlling you are of your team ;)
  11. Have you ever cheered for Logan Sergeant overtaking another driver for 17th place? Now you might!
  12. You can play against some F1 staff and media such as the BBC’s Jennie Gow.
  13. Win awesome prizes including F1 themed Lego, mini race helmets and lots more
  14. Support a truly independent game, designed and made by F1 fans by going Pro
  15. Make wild predictions and enjoy them paying off
  16. Play against over 15,000 other fans across the world
  17. Get satisfaction by choosing a driver your think is undervalued and watching their worth go up
  18. Escape the mundanity of a dull pointless work meeting and play around with your team

Do you have any other reasons? Let us know on X (aka Twitter) or Instagram!

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