“Graham & Leigh” produce some of finest motorsport memorabilia we’ve come across and we’ve seen a lot. They produce beautiful hand made wooden sculptures of race tracks, carefully presented in solid wood frames.

You can choose your favourite track, layout or year and they’ll produce a framed circuit for you, even with a personalised laser etched plaque. If you can’t choose one track they do a triple circuit frame too and these are really special.

They have recently introduced some incredible 3D car sculptures too with an ever increasing selection of cars to choose from. You can follow them on Twitter @GrahamandLeigh or on Facebook too. Checkout their shop here Graham & Leigh.

A selection of races feature Graham & Leigh race tracks are prizes in our PRO Championship, but you can also win a track in the Graham & Leigh league too – hit the button below to join in the fun. The 2019 Champion gets to choose their own single circuit frame – brilliant!

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