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Meet the 2018 Fantasy GP World Champion

This is your 2018 Fantasy GP Champion, well done Sandra!

Date published: 6th December 2018

You can see all the winners of the 2018 Fantasy GP Championship here on our Winners Wall of Fame. Grabbing a win in Fantasy GP is quite an achievement with over 20,000 players across the world battling it out.

It’s even trickier to be crowned Champion, you may have had the odd good race, but being consistently good every race weekend is another matter. Step up, Sandra Salmon – our 2018 World Champion.

Her prize is an epic Triple Circuit Frame from Graham & Leigh, £100 spending spree with BoxBoxBoxCo and of course the classic Red Fantasy GP Winners Mug.

We had a quick chat with Sandra to learn more about her background and her love of Formula 1 and how she approached to the 2018 season:

She doesn’t have a favourite team, but is a Max Verstappen fan “he has been my favourite driver this year, not necessarily at the start but as the season has gone on I’ve looked forward to seeing what he gets up to next!” and as for Formula 1 in general – “I would say at least 10 years , my husband has been a fan for a long time so I’ve watched and enjoyed the excitement of the sport as well as the duller moments.”

She’s been playing the Fantasy GP game since 2016 – “My husband has ran a fantasy league on Fantasy GP for a while and he was driving me mad with it all. He and his mates are very competitive so I thought if you can’t beat them then join them! Which I did and ha ha I beat them” – amazing story. We also learned that Sandra shared some of her prizes with her hubby to smooth things over! She won’t tell us her secret to winning Fantasy GP, boo!

We asked Sandra for some tips to share, but she simply said that you need to “Make sure you do your predictions. Use your changes wisely (I still had lots left at the end).” Hmm, so how do you plan to retain your title in 2019? “Well that’s a tough one, who knows, I never ever thought I would achieve anywhere near what I have but I’m going to give it my best shot again next year.” – candid!

And so, who is this super lady who’s the 2018 Champion? Well, she’s based in Essex, UK and drives a Citroen C4. She’s busy most of the time with her granddaughter, but also works in a yacht club bar. Enjoys darts, crafting and sampling real ales.

And finally, how do you celebrate your win? “Our private league had drinks earlier this week and presentation of awards etc. All organised by my husband Keith who does a grand job of doing it so that was one opportunity to celebrate. I think there are a few more celebration drinks to be had soon.”

I think we can all say a massive well done to Sandra and of course to our runners up, Richard Brown and Jacob Ellis who finished 2nd and 3rd overall and also took home a Graham & Leigh race circuit frame with their Fantasy GP mugs.

Reckon you can take on Fantasy GP in 2019? Get involved and sign up for next season now.

*prizes and awards are give to Pro players only

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