How to Play

New to Fantasy GP? Find out more and why you should play

Sign up to Fantasy GP

Playing Fantasy Grand Prix is easy – firstly Sign up / Register your account and then…

Think of a Team Name

(you can always change it later)

Build your Team

This is the really fun bit – you have $75 million to spend on your team, you just need to…


Obviously you can’t afford all the best cars and drivers so you’ll need a nice mixture of front runners, midfield and maybe a back-marker too. (don’t worry, they can earn you points too)

Make your Predictions

This is even more fun – you get to predict the race weekend! Simply choose who you think will be…


and also the number of Safety Car Periods and a bonus topical prediction question for each race such as “How many cars will finish the race”

Create or Join a League

Totally optional – you can simply play in the World Championship with thousands of other racing fans or you can

Play in a League

These are mini-championships between friends, family, colleagues or your social media followers. It’s entirely up to you. There are also some special leagues you can join too, find out more here

Watch the points roll in…

After the race has finished and results are confirmed, you can check your points and see how well, or badly you scored.

You’ll be ranked globally and in your leagues if you’re in any. And if you’re a PRO Elite Player you can also enjoy LIVE SCORING during the race itself with points updated every few laps.

Reckon YOU can win?

Get involved, it’s free to play and makes watching your favourite sport much more fun!

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