The Monaco Grand Prix, as ever was a bit of a processional affair – but that’s not to say it was boring. It’s just a different sort of event and throughout the field there are stories to be told – from Hamilton out in front forcing his tyres to the end with a charging Verstappen keeping check, down to a torrid Sunday after a great Saturday for Haas’ Magnussen and the utterly forgettable weekend for homeboy, Charles Leclerc.

As for the Fantasy GP of Monte Carlo, there were a good few bonus points scored with both Perez and Russell bagging 12 a piece and then Gasly, Sainz and Grosjean taking away 9 bonus points as well. Russell was stunning value for money in Monaco with 17 points at a bargain price. If you have him in your team, you may be in for a cash boost when the driver pricing is reviewed.

Car wise it was the usual big three, Ferrari suffering with fewer points thanks to shoddy handling of Leclerc’s weekend and then Toro Rosso and McLaren leading the midfield after a great Monaco and 12 points each. Alfa Romeo had a forgettable race, nil points for the promising Ferrari B-team.

The PRO winner for Monaco was Chris, aka “JM Fangio” and his team “Going for Prost” with a massive 195points. He’ll be receiving the official Fantasy GP Trophy and a Paul Oz “Senna” canvas – epic prize!

Check your points now and see how the drivers and cars faired below.