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Final Results for Emilia Romagna

Final results confirmed for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix

Date published: 19th April 2021

There were a number of post-race penalties issued by the stewards for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and results have now been confirmed and updated in Fantasy Grand Prix.

Post race penalties
  • Tsunoda had a 5s penalty for exceeding track limits, final position P12
  • Stroll had a 5s penalty for leaving the track and gaining an advantage, now P8
  • Raikkonen is now P13 after he had a 30s penalty for an infringement during the rolling restart
Retirements and Classified finishers

Sebastian Vettel is a curious case in terms of the Fantasy GP Bonus Prediction question. For this race the question was around how many cars will retire, with options being 0-3, 4-5 or 6+ cars. We always go by the official results from the FIA records.

In the case of this race, Vettel is a classified finisher, but at the same time he did retire from the race and his ‘gap’ to the next driver is marked as a DNF. The same results sheet clearly lists 3 drivers as retired though.

This has caused an anomaly in Fantasy GP because before Sebastian Vettel ended his race we already had 3 retirees with Latifi binning it and the Bottas/Russell clash.

In hindsight the question could have been ‘how many classified finishers’, which would have been 3.

In light of this, 10pts bonus have been awarded to all players who picked Option A (0-3 cars) or Option B (4-6) since either are correct depending on how it’s viewed. This is a compromise and lessons learned. Thank you to all those who have contacted us, it’s great to see how passionate our players are.

Safety Cars

There were some questions around the number of safety cars for the race, but this can be confirmed as 2 – we had two distinct safety car periods for the race and this is reflected in the official stats.

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