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Fantasy GP of Austria this weekend

It's the Austrian GP weekend, catch up with the news ahead of the race and get your team ready.

Date published: 27th June 2019

It’s another Fantasy GP weekend with the Austrian GP on Sunday. You have until 2pm on Saturday to get your team ready and finalise your predictions.

Note the rather topical ‘Bonus Prediction’ for Austria where ask how many penalties will be given out for the race – for clarity we’re only asking about ‘racing penalties’, so things like Seb’s penalty in Canada and Ricciardo’s 2 penalties in France. Grid penalties and anything else that happens before lights out will not count.

Prices have been reviewed following France and the 3 previous races, check the current driver and car market prices to see if you can trade in any of your team.

Good luck for the Austrian GP, in the meantime, catchup on the news and gossip below, remember, if you have any comments, feedback or anything to say about Fantasy GP, join our Facebook group here.

F1 TV Times
Qualifying on Saturday at 2pm BST
Grand Prix starts on Sunday at 2:10pm BST
Practice is on Friday at 10am and 2pm, then on Saturday at 11am

Paddy Lowe leaves Williams
After months of leave, the technical chief has left the team, read more via SkySports

Can anyone beat Mercedes in Austria?
They didn’t win in 2018, Max Verstappen did. Can Red Bull do it again? Here’s hoping, for F1’s sake!¬†Read more via BBC

McLaren looking ahead, looking positive
France saw the orange cars back racing towards the front, more for Austria, read more via the Checkered Flag

DRS is a good thing, right now
F1 fan and video producer, Chainbear F1 looks at why DRS is good and why we need it right now. Watch more via YouTube here.

Get yourself to a race in 2019
So some races this season haven’t been too exciting on the telly, but it’s always great when you’re trackside. Checkout Discover Grand Prix for some great packages.

The new F1 game is out now it’s rather brilliant!
Special Edition available now, standard edition out on Friday, read our full review here.

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