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Drivers and Cars so far in 2019

Essential reading - we analyse the Fantasy GP cars and drivers so far in 2019

Date published: 7th May 2019

As we approach the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend – round 5 in the 2019 World Championship, we thought it would be useful to look over the drivers and cars so far.

With the 21 race long season, there’s still plenty of time to pick up points and make up for a poor start to the season. Likewise, those sitting pretty, ahead of their friends should not rest on their laurels. The results in real races may be fairly predictable, but the tight midfield and the less predictable world of Fantasy GP keeps up the challenge and keeps it all interesting.

The Cars

Mercedes are comfortably way out in front in the real world and also in Fantasy GP – despite their high price tag (currently $23m) they are still the best value team due to the sheer (massive) number of points they’ve gained. You need the silver cars in your team if this form continues.

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Ferrari and Red Bull are also both good value, and cheaper than the silver cars. If Ferrari can unlock their potential, they’d be a good asset to any team, but if your budget doesn’t allow, then Red Bull are a solid performer and Gasly looks to be getting into it now too.

Outside the big 3, the top performers so far have been Alfa Romeo and Racing Point, both with a current value of more than 5 points per million (total score divided by cost). Largely helped by gaining lots of bonus points. If you just go by the race points, McLaren are the strongest outside the big 3. If you can’t afford Alfa or Racing Point, then Toro Rosso are your next best bet at just $6.5m.

Williams are totally worth having in your team too – yes, they’ll qualify last, but if they finish (and they usually do) then they’ll continue their solid run of bonus points. Their price tag is now $5m, up from $3 at the start of the season. So if you have Williams already and need to increase your budget you could trade them in. But then you could miss out on some handy bonus points.

Renault and Haas are both bottom of the pile – currently sitting on less than 3 points per million after 4 races. If you still have them you have a choice – hold on and hope they get themselves sorted, or bin them quick and pick a better car.

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The Drivers

When it comes to analysing the drivers, it’s a little more tricky. But looking at the overall points so far and their current price tag gives some interesting talking points.

Firstly, despite his price going up, George Russell is still the best value driver in Fantasy GP with over 10 points per million. At only $4.5m still, he’s a cheap and potentially rewarding investment. If his form continues, his price will only go up too. The combination of 27 bonus points from races, plus his 20 qualy bonus for always beating Kubica is making the British rookie hot property in Fantasy GP.

Stroll, Raikkonen and Albon are the next best value so far. Raikkonen is fairly pricey at $8.5m, but his bonus points, plus some actual race points as well as beating his team mate in qualifying 3:1 puts the Finn on a handsome 73 points so far in 2019 – i.e. the most points of any driver outside the big 3 teams. Stroll and Albon have both scored plenty of bonus points so far and with the Toro Rosso rookie being only $6m he’s a bit of a bargain at present.

Perez, Giovinazzi and Kvyat are your next best 3 in terms of value and again, Kvyat in the Toro Rosso is there because he’s currently super cheap at $4.5m.

Now, most of the drivers mentioned so far are there because they are the best value, which is great but that doesn’t always mean you’ll be winning the most points – you need some star drivers for that.

if you still have Grosjean in your team, you’re wasting one of your 6 spots – the Frenchman has a total value of 0. Yes, zero.

Naturally, our first thought is Mercedes, and yes their 2 drivers have the most points of all and just as in real life, Bottas has more points than Hamilton as well as being $3m less. In fact Bottas is great value too, so if you want a Mercedes driver in your team, the Finn is a solid choice. Beard comes for free too.

It’s a similar case at Ferrari – Leclerc is a better bet over Vettel, so far. He’s only $1m less than Vettel, but has more points. If you want a red driver, get Charles in the team.

With Red Bull, it’s clear that Verstappen is the one to have for points, but if you can’t afford the young hot shot, then you could gamble on Gasly. His value is only 0.5 lower than Verstappen due to him being $6m cheaper at $12.5m – it’s the best way to get a driver in a big team in your team, but it’s far from a dead cert you’ll get the points you want. Tricky!

And finally – if you still have Grosjean in your team, you’re wasting one of your 6 spots – the Frenchman has a total value of 0. Yes, zero. Nil points. Not even a bonus point and Magnussen has out qualified him too. His fortune may change, but it’s very rare to have a driver on zero points in Fantasy GP.

You can get all this info and a lot more from our Stats Dashboard – available for all PRO and PRO Elite players, featuring interactive charts and lots of useful, Fantasy GP specific data you can’t get anywhere else.

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