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Be the office Champion – How to Play Fantasy GP at work

Date published: 11th March 2018

Work, it’s a necessity – you may do it because you love it, or maybe just to pay the bills. Either way, work can always be more fun with a bit of competition between you and your team, peers, between departments – and your boss.

So here’s where Fantasy GP comes in – all you need to do is to setup your own team and then setup a work league and invite your colleagues. Maybe include a bit of a prize incentive – a free lunch, an extra day of holiday or some other bonus.

From the feedback we get from players every year, the private leagues can be a lot of fun and act as a bit of team-building, or simply provide some much needed relief from the daily grind of office life. Awkward water-cooler moments will be a thing of the past.

Setup your office league

Create your team and office league today with Fantasy GP, it’s free to play, easy to play, but tricky to beat your colleagues.

  1. Sign in / Join Fantasy GP
  2. Head to the Pit Wall and create your team
  3. Head to Leagues and Create a New League
  4. Copy the code and share it with your colleague so they can join your league

May the office banter go go go!

Super League of Leagues

As well as playing between you and your colleagues, your office league can compete with all the other leagues in Fantasy GP with the Super League – the top 5 scores of PRO players are totalled up to see which league is the best league of all leagues.

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