Fantasy GP is a website produced and owned by Le Feuvre Media Ltd, trading as Badger Motorsport. For the purpose of this page, ‘Fantasy GP’ refers to the website and the user accounts associated with these.

Fantasy GP makes use of Google Analytics to help monitor the performance, both technically and content-wise. This service collects data from visitors such as your location, browser, device and other such details. No personal data is captured whatsoever. For more information, refer to the Google Analytics help pages here.

Fantasy GP uses the well-known and trusted login services to enable visitors to easily create accounts and login to Fantasy GP via Facebook and Twitter social networks and Google accounts (such as GMail or similar).

This service is run on Fantasy GP itself and data collected is used for logging in and creating accounts only.  The WP-Social-Login service works via custom apps within Facebook, Twitter and Google to authenticate users. These apps are only used for this purpose.

Email addresses for those that have accounts are also collected and maintained in a secure fashion through our email newsletter providers – SendGrid and locally with Le Feuvre Media Ltd.  Emails are sent on a regular basis, but no more than twice per week. Recipients of these emails can easily unsubscribe if they wish.  We don’t like spam and so will not create spam for you either – it’s good karma.

We do not share user information with third parties, only raw numbers and summaries of data, such as ‘X subscribers’ or ‘X users’ where X represents a number.  Fantasy GP is a part of the Badger Motorsport group and email addresses may be used by other areas of the Badger Motorsport group where deemed appropriate. We do not share this data outside of Badger Motorsport and do not sell the data to other companies.

If there is any information missing from this privacy policy or you wish to query the information provided here, you may contact us here.