About Fantasy Grand Prix

Fantasy Grand Prix is one of the most popular Fantasy F1 games and has been running since 2008. Developed, maintained and run by fans of the sport, for fans across the world to enjoy.


Why not? But seriously, playing Fantasy GP, even casually will simply enhance your enjoyment of watching a Grand Prix. With your team of cars and drivers, you’ll be supporting and taking a greater interest in cars and drivers up and down the field.

You compete against thousands of other fans across the world and can also create your own Leagues to battle against friends, family and colleagues.

And then there’s the chance to win awesome prizes and more with our PRO membership option too. You can play the game without paying, but the PRO memberships help support the game and it’s development for future years.


The game is designed to be fun, challenging and very quick and easy to play. It’s a tricky balance but our platform has been well received and enjoyed by thousands of fans. For the game rules and FAQ see our Game Guide.


Fantasy GP was originally a game based on the popular F1 fansite, BadgerGP.com where it grew from 500 players in 2008 to over 8000 in 2016. For 2017, Fantasy GP split from Badger GP and became its own entity and 2018 saw over 20,000 players competing from across the planet.

We’re based in Yorkshire and London, in the UK and you can reach out to us for a chat, ask questions and share your thoughts via our Facebook page or @Fantasy_GP on Twitter. We listen to fans and make updates to the game from player feedback to make the game best of its kind. It really is created by fans for fans.


We’re open to opportunities for new partnerships. Fantasy GP has a dedicated following and fan base so you can reach real fans of Formula 1 to promote your product or services. We’re very selective and keep fans interests at heart, but do pop us a message to have a chat.