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13th December 2017


Fantasy Grand Prix is designed to be fun, easy and quick to play (but tricky to win!)

In a nutshell: create your own team of 3 drivers and 3 cars and then you score points relative to how they perform in the 2017 F1 World Championship season.

To add a touch of strategy you have a budget of £75million* to spend on cars and drivers – so you wont be able to afford all the top drivers and top cars. Instead you’ll need to spend wisely and decide which midfield and back of the field competitors you want in your team.

After each Grand Prix the real results are updated and scores are calculated so you’ll be able to logon to see how you are getting on.

Make the most of the first two races to figure out your strategy! During the first two rounds you can make as many team changes as you like – use this opportunity!!

From Bahrain onwards you have just 8 free team changes for the rest of the season, you can change your team more but it will cost you a 10 points penalty per change.

*if you elect to Go Pro your budget is enhanced to £80m


Race Points:

As with real Grand Prix the winning driver scores 25 points, 2nd place receives 18, then 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2… to 1 point for 10th place. If any of your drivers finish in the top ten places they will receive the same points.

Again, in symmetry with real F1, cars also score points so if you choose McLaren as one of your cars and Jenson Button (McLaren Driver) finishes 3rd then you’ll still score 15 points even if you didn’t have Button because you have McLaren as a car. If McLaren scored a 1-2 finish then you’d receive a whopping 43points (25+18).

Qualifying Points:

Your drivers now score qualifying points too. If one of your drivers grabs Pole Position you’ll receive 10 points.  If your driver beats his team mate you’ll get 5 points. This adds a bit more excitement to qualifying and if you have the right drivers, means that you could gain up to 25 additional points (each of your 3 beating their team mate and one of them grabbing pole – 5+5+5+10)

Note that qualifying points and results are based on the final starting grid. In the event of a driver claiming Pole Position on Saturday, but having a penalty, it is the final FIA classification that determines the qualifying results and associated points. If you have a driver in your team and they grab Pole Position, but have a penalty and line up 10th, they won’t get the points for Pole Position. If their team mate starts 9th of better your driver won’t score the ‘beating team mate’ points either.

Bonus Points:

This is a neat bonus system that rewards those truly great race drives. If you have Lewis Hamilton (for example) in your team and he starts 16th on the grid after a dismal qualifying but finishes 2nd you’ll receive the 18 points for 2nd place and also 42 bonus points for such a great drive through the field – that’s 3 points per move up the field, i.e. 16th to 2nd is an improvement of 14 positions hence (14 x 3) 42 points.

Bearing this in mind, having less expensive drivers such as Romain Grosjean can be advantageous if they consistently finish when others drop out. If he starts 19th and ends up 11th then that’s a solid 24 points in the bank even though he didn’t finish in a points paying position.

These ‘bonus’ or ‘improvement’ points only apply to drivers and not cars, since it is generally the driver that brings the car home and is responsible for making great moves.

Prediction Points:

To add an element of excitement to watching the races on telly you can also predict pole position*, the podium result, fastest lap number of safety car periods* and the first driver to retire. These need to be decided before each Grand Prix and you score bonus points for being correct.

If you correctly guess who is on pole position you’ll get 10pts and if you correctly predict who wins then you’ll receive 10pts. Likewise for the rest of the podium too. The same points are awarded for predicting fastest lap, number of safety car periods* and first to retire.

There’s also a combo-bonus where if you guess the podium correctly with all 3 drivers in the correct positions, you’ll get 10 points for each and an additional 20pts combo-bonus. If you’re very good and manage to predict the entire podium as well as pole position, fastest lap, number of safety car periods* and the first to retire*, you’ll receive all the individual points for each correct prediction and another additional 20pts for getting all of them correct. Therefore, if you predict all 7 items correctly, you’ll get 7 * 10 + 20 combo + 20 combo = 110 points!

New for 2017, you nearly got your podium prediction correct, then you’ll get 5 points per correct driver on the podium, but out of position. For example, if you predict Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso but the result is Hamilton, Alonso, Vettel then you’ll get 15 points (i.e. 5 points for each driver being on the podium but in a different order).

It really is worth submitting your predictions to stand a chance of winning!

*Note: Safety Car Periods: if a safety car comes out and then goes back in 3 laps later, that is 1 safety car period. Simple. If a Virtual Safety Car (VSC) is deployed and then the race resumes, that is also 1 safety car period. If a VSC period then becomes a normal proper Safety Car, that also counts as 1 single Safety Car period.

**Note: First to Retire: this is the driver that is the last placed driver that failed to finish. We count from when the lights go out at the start, so if a driver fails on the formation lap, that wouldn’t count. If all drivers finish then no driver will be the first to retire (you can predict this!) and if two drivers take each other out, one will be classified as being behind the other and they will be the first to retire. Disqualification does not count and if a driver finishes last but 10 laps down, that is also not a retirement.

***Note: Pole Position is the driver who is officially classified as being on 1st place in the starting grid going by official FIA classification. If a driver has the fastest time on Saturday but has a penalty, they won’t be on Pole Position so Pole Position prediction points will be awarded to the driver who does eventually have Pole Position when the lights go out on Sunday.


Team Changes

If at some point you decide that a driver or car isn’t worth having in your team you can change that driver or car for another one. You will retain your current points total and score points on the next race with your new line up.

Of course, changing your drivers and cars every race would be a bit ridiculous so to add an element of risk, you are allocated 8* free changes for the whole season and after that each change will cost you 10 points so be careful making flippant decisions!

*PRO Players have unlimited free changes throughout the season

Note: during the first two rounds of Australia and China, you have unlimited team changes – use this time to work out your strategy. From the Bahrain GP onwards, free team changes will be limited to 8.

A change is counted for each driver or car change. So if you change all 3 drivers, that’s 3 of your 8 changes used up.

Predictions can be changed as many times as you like before qualifying begins without a penalty.

During a Grand Prix:

While a Grand Prix weekend is in progress you can still login and view your team and predictions for the race, but team changes and prediction changes are not possible. The game will go into this ‘locked’ state from when qualifying begins on Saturday, until after the race on Sunday (pending any delays from the FIA or the stewards).

Make sure you’re happy with your team and predictions before qualifying begins!

Tie Breaks:

In the event of two or more Fantasy teams scoring equal points for a Grand Prix then the winner for that Grand Prix will go to the team who registered first for the Fantasy Grand Prix game (league tables are in this order when teams are on equal points).

Friends Leagues

These are your own mini World Championships where you can create your own private league to play against friends, family or colleagues. You can create and join as many as you like and they make Fantasy Grand Prix even more fun.

Simply head to ‘Friends Leagues’ click to ‘Create your own Friends League’ – then give it a name and the league will be created. You’ll be presented with a passcode which you can then share with your friends so they can join your league too.

To join an existing league, find out the passcode off someone else who’s already in it (or the creator) and then head to Friends Leagues, click to join an existing league, enter the passcode. Easy peasy.


If the 2017 season sees any driver changes then the driver lists will be updated and everyone will be entitled to an extra free change. (drivers are not added, merely replaced – i.e. if Renault change Palmer for another driver, his points and results will be inherited by his replacement.

Further to these statements, we reserve the right to alter rules and format as we see fit although we hope to not have to do this.

The decision of Fantasy Grand Prix is final in any misunderstanding. Appeals will be heard but those along the lines of ‘I couldn’t access the internet to change my team’ or other ‘the dog ate my homework’ type claims will be dismissed.

Anyone found to be breaching the sporting regulations will face disqualification from the game or points cleared from their results. (this has only happened once before, you have been warned.)

If you do have a question at any point about the game or these terms/rules then do contact us, via Twitter, Facebook or contact us here.

Here are some common FAQs

Q. How can I change my password/email address or other account info?
A. Go here to your profile page and you can make changes to your account. Your profile page is linked from your name on the top right of the page (on the full website)

Q. Can I change my team name?
A. Yes you can, head over to the name change page here and create your new team name.

Q. Why can’t I see the stats page?
A. Pro Members have access to stats for drivers and cars performances for each race to help you make judgements when changing your line up. These stats really do help! Become a pro here

Q. I want to play in the PRO Championship but can’t
A. You need a Pro Membership to compete in the PRO Championship – join up here.

Q. I cannot see the Game Statistics data
A. Stats are only available after the first race (Australia) and you need a Fantasy GP PRO Membership – join up here.

Q. Can I see the winning teams driver and car lineup?
A. In short, no! We will not disclose competitors tactics – it’s the nature of the game to figure this out for yourself.

Q. I had the winning driver and winning car – why didn’t score the most points?
A. Points are awarded for improving positions and also for correct predictions – read the guide!

Q. My team called “!$&?! Racing” has been removed – why?
A. We will remove any inappropriately named teams to avoid offending other players – Please do not use any racial, sexual or any other discriminating terms/language for your team name or friends league name.  We may just modify rather than remove and will contact you before doing so.

Q. I cannot change my team before the race
A. During a Grand Prix weekend the site does not allow new team registration or existing members to change their team/predictions. This is to avoid team changes and prediction changes after events have happened.  The game will be ‘locked’ before qualifying begins and up to 1hr after the race has finished or results have been confirmed.

Q. If a result is appealed will we see the changes on the site?
A. Once the result is published officially by the FIA, those results will be submitted into the game, if the FIA changes the results, the points will be updated in Fantasy Grand Prix too.

Q. If there is a dispute over results what happens here?
A. In any such case Fantasy GP has the final say on any matters, but we’re open to discussion and like to think our decisions are a bit more sensible and standard than some of the FIA Stewards’ calls.

Q. Why have my points been reduced or zeroed?
A. This would only happen if you were found to be in breach of the Fantasy GP sporting regulations. If you are deemed to have cheated or benefitted in a way deemed unfair, your points will be wiped and team reset.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find an answer here then do contact us or post a message on Twitter (@FantasyPitwall)