Here are some common FAQs

Q. How can I change my password/email address or other account info?
A. Go here to your profile page and you can make changes to your account. Your profile page is linked from your name on the top right of the page.

Q. Can I change my team name?
A. Yes you can, head over to the name change page here and create your new team name.

Q. Why can’t I see the stats page?
A. Pro Members have access to stats for drivers and cars performances for each race to help you make judgements when changing your line up. These stats really do help! Become a pro here

Q. I want to play in the PRO Championship but can’t
A. You need a Pro Membership to compete in the PRO Championship – join up here.

Q. I cannot see the Game Statistics data
A. Stats are only available after the first race (Australia) and you need a Fantasy GP PRO Membership – join up here.

Q. Can I see the winning teams driver and car lineup?
A. In short, no! We will not disclose competitors tactics – it’s the nature of the game to figure this out for yourself.

Q. I had the winning driver and winning car – why didn’t score the most points?
A. Points are awarded for improving positions and also for correct predictions – read the guide!

Q. My team called “!$&?! Racing” has been removed – why?
A. We will remove any inappropriately named teams to avoid offending other players – Please do not use any racial, sexual or any other discriminating terms/language for your team name or friends league name.  We may just modify rather than remove and will contact you before doing so.

Q. I cannot change my team before the race
A. During a Grand Prix weekend the site does not allow new team registration or existing members to change their team/predictions. This is to avoid team changes and prediction changes after events have happened.  The game will be ‘locked’ before qualifying begins and up to 1hr after the race has finished or results have been confirmed.

Q. If a result is appealed will we see the changes on the site?
A. Once the result is published officially by the FIA, those results will be submitted into the game, if the FIA changes the results, the points will be updated in Fantasy Grand Prix too.

Q. If there is a dispute over results what happens here?
A. In any such case Fantasy GP has the final say on any matters, but we’re open to discussion and like to think our decisions are a bit more sensible and standard than some of the FIA Stewards’ calls.

Q. Why have my points been reduced or zeroed?
A. This would only happen if you were found to be in breach of the Fantasy GP sporting regulations. If you are deemed to have cheated or benefitted in a way deemed unfair, your points will be wiped and team reset.

Still have a question?
If you cannot find an answer here then do contact us or post a message on Twitter (@FantasyPitwall)